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Fan Face Friday: Taylor Swift rumored to have been in attendance for No. 4 Washington State vs. No. 3 Stanford

Shaking Stanford off.

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Last weekend held mixed results for your No. 4 Washington State Cougars volleyball team, as they crushed Cal (yay) and lost to No. 3 Stanford (not yay). I’m getting some strange sense of deja-vu, I feel like I’ve typed that before. Either way, sentiment remains.

However! One little loss doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun along the way, and doesn’t mean the tried and true fans didn’t show up and show out. So without further ado, we’ve got another Fan Face Friday for ya, courtesy of the amazing Ashley Davis.

Ashley Davis

Was Taylor Swift at the game? No. But her picture was! I think she should get really into collegiate volleyball next, and perhaps donate to Washington State? Just a thought, Ms. Swift.

Ashley Davis

It was Wild Wild Western themed on the Palouse on Friday, and it turns out there just wasn’t enough room in Bohler for the both of Cal and WSU, as the Cougs swept three sets in a row. There is no better feeling than not only surviving Cal bullshit, but thriving against it.

Ashley Davis

While Sunday yielded different results, the fans still had a blast!

Ashley Davis

Up next, WSU hosts Utah tonight at 6pm PT. On the series, Utah is up 12-9. However, in Pullman, Wazzu leads 7-3. The Utes are 8-8 currently, 3-3 in Pac-12 play. They’re also 1-6 for away games, and split their Oregon schools series, losing to UO but beating OSU. I think we need to avenge our best friends the Beavers, don’t you?

While I wasn’t in attendance for the games last weekend (the first Fan Face Friday I’ve missed, sad!) I can still feel the energy through the screen, and I hope you feel the same.

Know anyone she snagged a pic of? Tag ‘em!

Those pics above not enough for you? Excellent news- we have some action shots, our Gal Friday Miss Ashley Davis just does it all!

Tune in tonight and Sunday (vs Colorado, starting at noon PT) to cheer on WSU!

Go Cougs!