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No. 7 WSU Volleyball takes down No. 6 Oregon in Eugene

It was a beautiful day to beat the Ducks!

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Yesterday, your incredible No. 7 Washington State Cougars volleyball took down the No. 6 University of Oregon Ducks in Eugene 3-1. The Cougs only needed four sets to show the Ducks how much they mean business.

Iman Isanovic led the team in kills, nabbing 14- along with 9 digs. Following those numbers closely was Magda Jehlarova, who put up 13 kills and 7 blocks.

Oregon had issues with serve receive, and the Gen-Z in me wants to make a joke about Oregon not Serving, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in context. If you’re up to date on Gen-Z slang terms, please help me rephrase this!

Either way, moral of that story, WSU was able to pull off a few key serve aces with especially strong performances from Karly Basham and Pia Timmer.

The Ducks also had 37 errors against the Cougs, and this loss shattered their 20 game long winning streak at home!


After WSU dominated the first set 25-14, UO was able to run away with set two- taking it 25-20. But Wazzu was quick to recover, and won sets three and four 29-27 and 25-23. Despite the outcome of set two, it’s clear (above) that there were still strong moments on Washington States side of the net.

Once the Cougs established their footing, they made quick work of regaining control of the game.

Again I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the standout performance of Jehlarova! (Above).

Washington State comes back home to host Cal this Friday, October 6th at 7pm PT. This team is almost indescribably talented, but here at CougCenter we will continue to try our best to put it into words.

Hope everyone has a great Monday- Go Cougs!