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Washington State Athletic Programs as Spooky Season Icons - part one


NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Coug fans!

I’ve had my fall decorations up for longer than I’m proud of, but I’ve held off getting properly excited about Spooky Season until about now. It seems to have snuck up on me! Fitting, I think.

In the true spirit of the season, I wanted to give my best take on “Washington State sports as Spooky Season characters”. Also, yes, the lead photo is from 2013- but it really fits the vibe, I think.

I’ve missed writing sillier stuff like this, and I figured we could all use a good scare. Tell me if you agree, or if I missed any of your favorite characters!

Dracula - Football

They are sucking the life out of me.

Kidding! But also not really! Dracula is iconic- one of the most well known monsters, older than almost everyone else, kinda evil but also can be morphed into something silly (Twilight). Everyone knows the Dracula story, but some people get, like, waaaaay more into the mythology of it than others, who just saw someone sparkly getting involved and thought it was a cool thing to pay attention to.

Name one way that is not football in general, but especially Washington State football.

Michael Myers - Volleyball

There is the obvious pun of “they’re slashing through their opponents”, but also- volleyball is in the middle of a legacy building season. And Michael Myers is inarguably one of the most iconic Halloween related characters of all time. For those of you who aren’t familiar, he’s in the slasher genre, and featured in the Halloween movie franchise. He’s very spooky. I haven’t personally watched the movies, as I am very easily scared, and anytime my apartment creaks I do assume someone has snuck in and is planning to murder me!

But Emma, how does this relate to volleyball? Those girls are so sweet?!

I agree, reader, unless you’re on the other end of one of their kills! Literally! I feel like this one is pretty on the nose.

Casper the Friendly Ghost - Oregon State University

I couldn’t decide which sport of ours was friendliest, because all of them are vicious warriors when they need to be, so I’m throwing a wildcard in here because I make the rules. Casper has many adaptations- animated, live action, you name it. He’s just a sweet little guy! As is Oregon State.

“But Emma, you could have, just, not mentioned Casper...”

Okay- YOU say no to this little face.

Frankenstein - men’s basketball

Look me in the eyes and tell me Kyle Smith does not give off ‘mad scientist who will do whatever it takes to succeed’ energy. Also, I am basing most of my information and opinions about Frankenstein off the movie Young Frankenstein, which would be undeniably fun to watch with Kyle Smith.

Frankenstein is a misunderstood creature who often causes destruction despite just trying to be loved. He is a product of his environment (no shade to Smith and staff, obviously) and when he’s on, he is on. But when he’s off, he’s just really dead. Also, talk about rebuilding, and what is that if not WSU MBB?

Mummy - women’s basketball

I’m giving the women’s basketball team the mummy for a few reasons. To start, the mummy is first found asleep- just like the Pac-12 preseason polls!

Secondly, you wouldn’t expect a mummy to cause mass hysteria, or be even half as iconic as it is. It started as a ritual done to respect the dead. How come it’s spooky?

Well gee, that reminds me of last season, doesn't it? No one expecting the subject to be even half as scary as it is, it becomes iconic, is often surrounded by gold and trophies... Let’s just be honest with ourselves.

That’s it for now, but give me some suggestions for more characters to include!

Hope we have a less scary weekend against University of Oregon.

Happy Friday, Go Cougs!