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No. 6 Washington State hosts No. 9 Oregon and Oregon State this weekend

This is gonna be good.

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Tonight, your very own No. 6 Washington State takes on the No. 9 University of Oregon Ducks at home at 7pm. The game will be on the Pac-12 Network, so make sure to tune in!

While the Ducks aren't our rival on paper, this game holds a lot of tension for the Cougs.

Pullman is set to host both Oregon teams this weekend, and while WSU and Oregon State have a certain kinship that makes them fun to play and more fun to beat, the same cannot be said for the Ducks- minus the fun to beat part. However! I’m sure both games will be interesting. Let’s take a look at what this weekend might bring!

Unsurprisingly, Pia Timmer continues her unstoppable climb to the top, having landed 19 kills against UCLA. Magda Jehlárová also had an incredible game, reaching 700 career blocks- the eighth player to do so since 2001.

Keep in mind, Julia Norville is getting dangerously close to the 1,000 career digs club (she’s currently 3 shy). Our gal Ashley Davis has all the pictures from the last home series against Utah and Colorado (where the Cougs won both games 3-0), to really warm you up for the weekend.

Everybody ready for pics? Say “Thank you Ashley!!!”

Too good.

I should probably start talking about Oregon, shouldn’t I?

They have a few standouts, and a former Coug on their roster, but I’m not too intimidated. Mimi Colyer leads the Ducks in kills, with 306 this season. She’s got 174 digs, 45.0 blocks, and 29 service aces. Kara McGhee was strong against Cal and Stanford, with 4.14 k/s, .595 pct.

Stanford had the Ducks number, taking them down 3-1. Oregon rallied in the third set to force it to four, but ultimately couldn’t finish strong.

Washington State won the last matchups against both Oregon schools, defeating OSU 3-0, and defeating UO, who was ranked 6th at the time, 3-1.

It’s a beautiful day to beat the Ducks! Go Cougs!