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Pac-12 Football Odds and Picks: The Gamble-Tron, Week Nine

Up is down.

Energy crisis - Grohnde nuclear power plant Photo by Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Gamble-Tron, where we’re finally making some headway! Regrettably, our most prosperous stretch has coincided with the worst stretch of the season for our beloved Cougs. When the season began, the Cougar football team was red hot, starting 4-0 and climbing into the Top 15. At the same time, the Gamble-Tron was stuck in neutral, barely hitting 50%.

Now, the roles are being flipped. Over the last two weeks, we’re a red hot 22-9-1, while our beloved football team has driven off a cliff, having lost three in a row, with the last two games not being all that close. It reminds us of a mirror image, and a Seinfeld sub plot.

In other words, the Gamble-Tron is the bizarro Cougs. We wish it weren’t this way! We’d be happy to set all of our pretend money on fire if it meant Cougar wins! But hey, at least one of us is doing ok, right? So here’s hoping all these picks are terrible. Or, ok, about .500. That will directly correlate to a WSU win in Tempe. Trust us.

Last Week: 12-3(!!!)

Season Total: 69-55-1

Best Call of the Week

Unnnnnnnddderrrrrrrssss! Air Force and Navy didn’t get to 24 points. And even if Iowa hadn’t been screwed over by that nonsensical replay, its game with the Gophers still would have stayed under 30 points! Can’t tell you how happy these calls made us.

Worst Call of the Week

USC. God damnit it’s always USC. Never again. Or this week. We can’t predict the future.

Early Opening Calls

There wasn’t a lot we liked when the lines debuted, but we loved the Beavers only laying two.

Army is now -9.5 (Woo!), West Virginia is now +7 (Doh!), Kansas State is now -17.5 (Woo!) and Oregon State is now -3.5 (Woo!). So we got some value in three of four calls. We will take it!

Pac-12 Picks

The entire conference is in action this week. Been a while!

WSU at Arizona State (+6)

I was really surprised that this line opened where it did, and I’m damn near stunned that it hasn’t fallen to a field goal or so. WSU has done nothing over the last month to demonstrate that it can win any road game by a touchdown, while ASU has been a damn tough out of late. Just ask Washington. That’s enough for us.

The Pick: Sparky

Oregon at Utah (+6)

Yikes. UTAH DISRESPEKT. On the other hand, Mario Cristobal isn’t on the Oregon sideline, so the Ducks actually stand a chance here. Plus, they beat Utah last season. However, that was in Eugene, and this one definitely is not! But how long can Utah get by with its backup quarterback? The most physical team the Utes have faced is Oregon State, and that ended poorly. I think this one will be, too.

The Pick: Oregon

USC at Cal (+10.5)

Man, our third straight home dog! I have been betting USC every week. I have been losing because I have been betting USC. Every. Week. Welp, in the words of Whitesnake, here I go again.

The Pick: USC

Washington at Stanford (+26)

OUR FOURTH STRAIGHT HOME DOG WHAT IS GOING ON!? If Washington doesn’t win this game by at least 30, something is really wrong.

The Pick: Washington

Colorado at UCLA (-17)

We finally get to a home favorite and it’s...the team with a non-existent home field advantage? Things have fallen that far for Colorado it seems. Then again, They’re peeling some of the tarps back in the Rose Bowl for this tilt, and it ain’t because everyone’s pining to see UCLA’s freshman quarterback.

The Pick: UCLA

Oregon State at Arizona (+2)

Both teams coming off an idle week, which brings up a curiosity. Is it just us, or have there been a lot more games this season when both conference teams had the previous week off? Like we mentioned, the line is now up over a field goal, so we’re rather happy that we got this right away. I didn’t think Oregon State would be that good this year. Boy was I wrong. I know, you’re really surprised!

The Pick: OSU

Other Games of Note

Ohio State at Wisconsin (Total = 45.5)

Wisconsin can’t score. Ohio State can score, but doesn’t score a lot.

The Pick: Under

Cincinnati at Oklahoma State (Total = 53.5)

I know I’m on a serious heater with Okie State, but as Mike Gundy found out on January 20, 2021, all good things must end. Given that, we’re making a total play here.

The Pick: Under

Florida vs. Georgia (-14)

College football’s only legit Dawgs will handle the Gators. Again.

The Pick: UGa

Wyoming at Boise State (-5.5)

Feels like a spot where the odds-makers are giving Boise way too much respect based upon previous seasons.

The Pick: Cowboys

Sicko Play of the Week

New Mexico at Nevada (Total = 50.5)

Nevada doesn’t score much. Neither team wins much. That’s enough for us!

The Pick: Under