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Washington State sports as Spooky Season Icons - part 2

Missed the opportunity last time to say volleyball goes bump in the night, and it’ll haunt me forever.

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Last weekend was... frightening. For several sports. However, that is out of our control and in the past, and the one thing we can do is laugh!

Last time, I covered football as Dracula (I stand by that), volleyball as Michael Myers, men’s basketball as Frankenstein, women’s basketball as the Mummy, and Oregon State as Casper the Friendly Ghost. I’m not feeling too friendly about the Beavs right now, as they beat Washington State volleyball 3-2, but I’ll have to let that slide.

The bananas felt very costume-y to me, also, so that’s what we went with for the photo.

While we can- here is the rest of my submissions for this years Sports as Spooky Icons.

Tennis - the werewolf

Kicking things off here with my dear tennis, and I have to admit some bias. The werewolf is one of my favorite monsters, and as I have not ever been subtle about my love for tennis, I had to give them my fave. But I do think there’s some similarities there. For one, tennis is an indoor sport, which keeps them hidden from the moon. Would that be because they’re secretly werewolves? You decide. Another interesting parallel is the versatility of the werewolf- it’s not exclusively classified as a Halloween character, but it fits the description. You can play tennis whenever, provided the conditions are right! Plus, I just love the lore around both of these things, and I’m making the rules, so.

Baseball - Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Baseball has fall ball AND regular season, so it’s almost like they can work for either season... Just like Jack Skellington! Even though he has a closer build to a basketball player, there are still some tall and lanky guys out on the pitch. He’s the pumpkin king, and he’s part of the lore around several different Tim Burton movies, so he can sort of fit anywhere- which is very similar to baseball, in my opinion!

Crimson Girls - the entire Scooby Doo cast

Wholesome, reliable, loved by all. Am I describing the Crimson Girls or Scooby Doo? You decide! I would also trust any of those girls to solve a mystery within an appropriate amount of time. There are many adaptations of Scooby Doo, you don’t always have to watch it during one season, and it keeps a solid energy no matter what- again, just like the CGs! You’ll always see them with bright smiles on their faces, they aren’t exclusive to one other sport, or even dance category. I think I nailed this one!

Swimming - a siren / mermaid

Low hanging fruit, I’m aware. But it’s true! Swimming has to hold the honor of the mermaid or siren, it can depend on how spooky you want to get. Swimming has varied levels of difficulties, but if you were to think it was an “easier” sport, you’d be sorely mistaken. Mermaids, even in their tamest form, are a little creepy. This one kind of explains itself.

Track & Field - Ghostface

Track gets Ghostface for a few reasons. The first, is it’s very recognizable- you wouldn’t be able to confuse track for any other sport. There’s also a lot of events that go into it, just as there are many different adaptations of Ghostface, and while he sticks to his franchise, there’s just so much there. He’s iconic, he’s everywhere, but he’s also guaranteed to get the job done. Very track energy, if you ask me.

I hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween, and that our sports programs terrify me less in the next few weeks!

Go Cougs!