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Pac-12 Football Odds and Picks: The Gamble-Tron, Week Six

We continue to creep upward.

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Welcome back to our little weekly corner of the football gambling internet, where results were mixed this past week. You’re used to reading about the Gamble-Tron’s trials and travails throughout college football season, as we live and die by every point spread, every total, every damn weekend. And to think how stressed we’d be if we had actual money on these games! All we have on the line is a reputation that’s already in the landfill!

But yours truly is not alone in this unending trek through the gambling wilderness. No, Mrs. Tron is right there with us. But while we prefer to suffer through dozens of games on Saturdays, Mrs. Tron sticks to the professional ranks. That leads us to last week, when I received this message about four seconds after Patrick Mahomes decided to slide down inside the five yard line at the end of the Chiefs-Jets game.

I don’t know who originally coined the phrase “misery loves company,” but I’ll be damned if they didn’t hit the bullseye with that one.

Whatever. Let’s go.

Last Week: 8-6

Season Total: 41-38

Best Call of the Week

Double Dipping! We went with a 2-for-1 special in four different matchups, and won three of them! Oregon State, Oregon and Notre Dame, along with the Under in all three! TWICE AS NICE HELL YEAH.

Worst Call of the Week

Soooooooo yeah, about that double dip. Alex Grinch, report to my office and bring your wrist bands. What’s that? You lost them? Well I can not believe it. His ability to fail upward is incredible. But while Grinch’s unit is singlehandedly responsible for losing my spread bet, the blame for the total is right there in the mirror. What a dumb call.

Pill Kick + Great Escape of the Week

The Iowa-Michigan State under was looking really good. Neither offense could do a damn thing. So of course Iowa houses a 70-yard punt return to kill it. Ugh

On the other hand, Notre Dame trailed by one point late in the game, needing just a field goal to win. But then...then!!! Notre Dame’s running back defies orders and scores! Yes! Kick the PAT and let’s win this thing! Oh no, they’re going for two. White knuckle time. The Irish convert! The Irish cover! We had ‘er all the way!

We already jumped on a few lines when they opened.

WSU at UCLA (-3)

Chip Kelly’s team is winning with...defense? Indeed! The will be WSU’s first road game since Labor Day weekend, and its first game on grass this season. Don’t know if that’ll affect the offense’s speed and production, but hopefully it doesn’t!

The Pick: UCLA

Colorado at Arizona State (+4)

Buffs better get this one if they want to win at least six games. I think they’ll get it done, but it’ll probably be an adventure, as nearly every Colorado game has been.

The Pick: Colorado

Oregon State at Cal (+9.5)

Oregon State is good. Cal is not. The only thing that gives me pause here is the fact that Cal can stop the run and OSU can’t throw much.

The Pick: Cal

Arizona at USC (-21.5)

God I hate this game. Plugging my nose and playing rock/paper/scissors to figure this out.

The Pick: USC in the first half (-13.5)

Other Games of Note

Friday night shenanigans!

Kansas State at Oklahoma State (+11.5)

Friday night double-digit home dog? I mean, come on.

The Pick: OAN

Nebraska at Illinois (-3)

Think Illinois wants this one, considering that its greatest defensive alumnus passed away on Thursday?

The Pick(s): Illini / Under 43.5

Sicko Zone

Colorado State (-2.5) at Utah State

The Aggies are coming off an emotional, one-point win all the way across the country last weekend. The Rams played something called Utah Tech and rolled.

The Pick: CSU

Northern Illinois at Akron (Total = 43)

Injuries and pace of play should combine to keep this score low.

The Pick: Under