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WSU unveils Week 6 uniforms for UCLA

Last time we saw these in So Cal...we don’t talk about it.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off their week five bye, Washington State unveiled their week six uniform combination for their road game against the UCLA Bruins.

When you think back of recent games WSU has played in Southern California, there is one that keeps Cougs up at night. This uniform combo was first donned on that September night at the coliseum in 2018. A game in which WSU lost 39-36 on a very controversial ending.

The combo reappeared in the final game of the 2020 season, but with an anthracite logo and white facemask, as opposed to the crimson logo and facemask WSU will wear this weekend. The Cougs also lost that game, 45-28.

WSU will be wearing their white helmet with crimson facemasks and logos for the seventh time since 2017. That helmet holds a record of just 2-4. The white shell itself sits at 10-7 after the Cougs most recent victory over Oregon State. The white jersey WSU will wear is 14-18 and the anthracite pants are 9-3.

What say you, Cougs? Will WSU remove the stench of controversy from this uniform this week in SoCal?