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UW rushed the field after winning by a field goal - Apple Cup 2023 Recap

It was painfully close.

Washington State v Washington Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

So, I’ll open this with a difficult truth.

I’ve had a few beverages.

I think many of us are in a similar boat.

In their undefeated season, the University of Washington rushed the field, in order to properly celebrate their close win over the Washington State Cougars.

Yes- you read that right!

Those fools were so excited to have a leg up on a team no one thought would even scrape their level, after WSU spiraled this season.

There are many things to be upset about during this game (missed calls, for one) but there are also many things to be grateful for.

I recently started teaching in a high school, and one thing I tell my kids every single day is that other teachers deserve to see their excellence- I'm honored that they’re so quick to show me the kind of student they are, but they need to work on making sure that other teachers see how brilliant they can be.

It may sound corny, but tonight I do think that despite the mishaps, we showed how excellent we are.

A lucky fourth down conversion by UW followed quickly by a 42 yard field goal by Grady Gross (the jokes write themselves) cemented the 24-21 loss. It stings.

Cam Ward still had an excellent game.

Nakia Watson was able to push through and land 64 yards. Josh Kelly cemented his name in the Washington State Hall of Fame (or at least, my opinion is that he should). Lincoln Victor averaged 8 yards per carry.

I will say, if you want the full breakdown you should look at the box score- but if there's an energy to take away, it is that we did our absolute best. And after the way this season has shaped up, I will take it.

Sorry this is light on the words, and sorry I got too carried away at the actual watch party- but I was too busy encompassing what it truly means to be a fan of this team: I was enjoying quality time with my friends, I was joking about the results of this game, and I was trying to focus more on how happy I was to be there, rather than how upset I was to get disappointed again.

Many things can exist at once.

Unfortunately we do have the opportunity to get them next year- much to the chagrin of many of us. Who knows what that will lead to?

Here is the box score- look at your own risk.

Go Cougs. Despite it all, and always.