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WSU Tennis standouts Elyse Tse and Fifa Kumhom make it to Semi-Finals of W15 Wellington Tennis Tournament

So proud!!

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Your Washington State Tennis stars Elyse Tse and Fifa Kumhom took a trip to New Zealand to compete in the W15 Wellington Tournament, through the International Tennis Federation. The pair competed in the the doubles tournament, but a familiar face held it down in the singles section- former Coug Michaela Bayerlova!

Unfortunately, Tse and Kumhom fell in the semi-finals, losing the first match 1-6 and the second 3-6.

They dominated the quarter-finals, winning the first 7-6, losing the second 2-6, but made a dramatic comeback in the third to advance, winning 10-5!

Due to the timezone differences, I’m not sure if the tennis account has a tweet up yet with the updated results, so for now let’s focus on the celebratory advancement tweet and be excited for their achievement going into that round!

Bayerlova also lost in the semi-finals, after a strong quarter-finals performance where she won both matches 6-2.

It’s so wonderful to see our Cougs on bigger stages, and all the way across the globe no less!

I hope everyone has a great day! Go Cougs!