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Washington State Football picks up QB Evans Chuba to join in 2024

A Canadian!!

Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Good morning, Coug fans!

This morning, Jake Dickert and co. picked up an exciting new face to add to our beloved Washington State Cougars football team- quarterback Evans Chuba from Montreal, Canada!

According to my spreadsheet, Chuba visited Pullman on June 22nd, committed verbally on June 27th, but as of today (December 20th) he’s ours!

Merry early Christmas to us!

Here is his Hudl if you’re curious, which I know at the very least a few of you will be.

While we aren’t sure exactly what the future of football will look like, we’ve had some decent sized wins lately, and I’m sure as the offseason progresses we’ll see more and more what this program could shape into.

The Cougs also already have some YouTube highlights up of our new friend, linked below.

His highlights are mostly from his junior season, as a back injury took him out for his senior season. However, he didn’t let that keep him down, and instead used the time to build a relationship with Coach Dickert that will likely translate well on the field!

He had 133-of-259 pass attempts for 2,173 yards and 20 touchdowns, and had 356 yards with 7 more touchdowns on the ground. 24/7 has him at three stars, but it’s a close whisper to four.

Let’s give him a warm welcome! Go Cougs!