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Washington State and Oregon State agree to settlement with former Pac-12 Schools

Bag secured.

Ashley Davis

Good evening, Coug fans!

Tonight, the Presidents of Washington State University and Oregon State University released a statement, informing us that a settlement has finally been reached.

We’ve been following this legal battle for a long time, if you’d like to go refresh your memory, here is an outline from our friend Kevin from last week, when we won control of the conference, but weren’t sure what that control would totally look like.

And now- we know!

News broke around 4pm on Thursday, December 21st, and more specifics followed here:

The key things WSU and OSU now get undeniable say over are the distribution of revenue cuts, any future revenue, and the liability protection. In addition, the former schools will still be responsible for a portion of any liabilities concerning the Pac-12 going forward.

Essentially, as stated, Washington State and Oregon State will have total and complete say over how the conference moves forward, without having to look over their shoulder at the schools who left.

This is... a MAJOR win.

Go Cougs, Go Beavs, here’s to only happiness and success for the Pac-2 moving forward.