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Five Pullman essentials for your next trip out

Can you tell I already miss it?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 17 Colorado State at Washington State Photo by Oliver McKenna/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good evening, Coug fans!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend. There’s lots of games to be excited about coming down the deck. For one, your Washington State Women’s basketball team takes on Oregon tonight at 7pm PST, Tennis plays Minnesota at 9am PST on Saturday, AND we’ve got a double header on Sunday- WBB vs Oregon State at noon, and MBB vs Oregon at 4!

I figured there might be a few of you heading back into town soon (I was just there myself, excellent time as always), so I thought I’d remind you of a few Pullman Essentials in case you find yourself back on the Palouse soon.

1- This one comes from my friend Nate, but pedialyte.
It’s very important to hydrate, and not just by drinking beers. I wish I had remembered this last weekend, but alas. Learn from my mistakes.

2- Five Hour Energy.
A simple Starbucks is not enough, I need the strength of a thousand suns- but unfortunately, that has yet to be packaged in a safe-to-digest way, so I’ll have to settle for second best.

3- Good walking shoes.
One time I wore a cute pair of black boots to Pullman, and while they were able to survive several Chicago winters with ease, they had to be put to rest after a weekend of standing, jumping, cheering, and walking up very very steep hills. They are gone but not forgotten, and if they were to go out, I’m glad it was like that.

4- Cough drops.
This is less of a sickness thing (although that has merit too), but more of a “I’m screaming at a sports game filled with 20 year olds who have papers to write” thing. I constantly come back sounding all scratchy, and my friends make fun of me. But what else am I going to do?! Oh- maybe bring some cough drops.

5- A credit card (ideally your own, I’m not advocating for identity theft).
This one is also from personal experience but when I’m in Pullman, I don’t want to think about the real world! Or consequences to my own financial actions! That is a Monday Emma problem, not a Friday-let’s-start-the-weekend Emma problem! I encourage the same for any of you.

Now, whether it’s this week, or later this year, or even just next football season, I hope you keep some of these hacks in mind for the next time you finally head Back Home.