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Washington State Cheer heads to the 2023 Collegiate Championships

Get ready to cheer on the ULTIMATE WSU cheerleaders - literally!

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Have you ever found yourself frustrated or low energy during a game, maybe the score isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, and you think to yourself: man, how the heck can I check back into this experience?

And then suddenly, you look down to the sidelines, and are faced with some of the most athletic and optimistic faces you’ve ever seen- and they’re chanting, and smiling, and doing flips that look easy but you know 100% if you even attempted, you’d be carried out on a stretcher booking appointments with a chiropractor for the next 45 years of your life.

Cheer is a criminally underrated sport. They make going to games the experience it is. They push their bodies to the very limit and they have to smile the entire time.

These student athletes, the very ones that control crowd momentum, are about to embark on an event where they need cheerleaders now.

Your Washington State Cheerleading team is down in Anaheim, getting ready to compete in the USA Collegiate Championship. You can read about the event here!

Last year, they took home a ring - check out that info here, and they look to make a repeat performance.

Below is a gallery of some of their routines, from the incredible Ashley Davis (as usual). Take a look, and get ready to cheer on your WSU Cougars Cheer!!!