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I told Twitter I would get “Go Cougs” tattooed if the Washington State women’s basketball team won the Pac-12 Tournament

And I am not a liar.

Good morning, Coug fans!

It’s Emma, your managing editor, coming at you live post-tattoo appointment. Let me take you back in time, to twelve days ago, when our very own Washington State women’s basketball team won the Pac-12 Tournament. It was a glorious day. And on that day, I may or may not have tweeted a promise. A promise to celebrate and honor this team in the event that they would become victorious, win the title, and head to the NCAA Tournament for the third year in a row. The promise? To get “Go Cougs” tattooed.

What was my sobriety level during the time this photo was taken, you ask? Don’t worry about it. We had just done the Chicago Polar Plunge, and the only way to properly warm up after that is with a cold beverage or two.

However, as the wisest of us say, drunk words are sober thoughts.

The game ended in our favor, obviously, and I was left with a choice: look like a jerk who makes empty promises, or rise to the occasion.

I’ll give you one guess as to what I did!

Pictures speak a thousand words- so enjoy the ones below! If my skin looks weird, it’s because it’s cold outside and also someone just tattooed something on me forever!

Special thank you to my amazing tattoo artist Keylan (who I highly recommend if you’re in Chicago- she's at The Burning Tiger) who appreciated the special nature of this request. Thank you also to Jeff Nusser for everything, but especially for helping me find the exact font!

But thank you most of all to our amazing and inspiring women’s basketball team. I literally could not be rooting harder for you guys as you make your third consecutive run in March Madness if I tried!

The game is tomorrow, Saturday March 18th, at 11:30 am Pacific Time. My new tattoo and I will be watching!

Go Cougs!