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TJ Bamba tests the NBA draft, and enters the transfer portal

We get it, but we are so sad.

Ashley Davis

Good afternoon, Coug fans.

After a tremendous season, Washington State Guard TJ Bamba declares for the NBA draft, and puts his last year of eligibility into the transfer portal.

It’s a difficult thing to find words about, I won’t lie! I have loved every minute of watching Bamba as a Coug, and it’s my job as a fan (and as someone who writes about players and then puts that on the internet forever) to stay positive and respectful. There are no ‘buts’ about that. I’ll miss him a lot! I always miss the players that make the difficult decision to pursue other options. We can’t fault anyone for that.

We can be sad and supportive at the same time.

In his last season (ow), Bamba was at 42.6% field goals, 15.8 points per game, and was 37.2% from 3. His growth at WSU has been nothing short of incredible, and it’s been a delight to watch that process. From starting in just 4 games of the season in 2020, to being a core part of the lineup in 2023, it will be hard to see him go.


It’s important as things twist and turn to just trust the staff. There are undeniable things that Bamba brought to the table that will be difficult, if not impossible, to replace- but the nature of systems like this is change. So don’t go doomsday scrolling just yet.

I know that’s a hard ask. But just give the process some time. And in the meantime, especially to TJ- once a Coug, always a Coug, and I’ll be rooting for your success forever.