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TJ Bamba commits to Villanova

The guard heads closer to home.

Ashley Davis

Good afternoon, Coug fans!

On March 27th, former Washington State guard TJ Bamba let the world know he’d be heading elsewhere, and testing his NBA Draft potential- and it looks like he found a new home for his last year of eligibility.

Bamba put it on his twitter this morning after the initial tweet from Jon Rothstein.

He looks pretty happy there! And as we previously talked about, we’re very happy for him! At least it isn’t another Pac 12 school.

Speaking of the Pac 12, negotiations have been pushed further out again for the expansion deal. SMU and San Diego State remain in talks to join the conference. There’s lots of helpful info in this article here if you’re curious about the expansion!

The confusion stems from the departure of Jamie Zaninovich, who is the former Deputy Commissioner/Chief Operating Office over at the Pac 12 Network. Zaninovich announced recently that he’s heading to TrailRunner International- where he’ll be able to work with both sports and non-sports advisory. However, the Pac 12 will actually be working with him once he’s at TrailRunner!

Personally, I wouldn’t love if the network shifted to 100% streaming. We probably won’t see any answers about streaming until we know... who is actually in the conference, but nonetheless! What would you want to see happen?

Go Cougs!