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Cougar baseball falls just short at No. 16 Arizona State

Today is a new day!

Ashley Davis

Good afternoon, Coug fans!

To kick things off on a more personal note, I am currently back in the same timezone as most of you who read this, I flew on over to the Tacoma area to celebrate the birthday of one Mr. Craig Powers. So happy belated birthday Craig!

It’s been so nice to be around trees again, you guys.

Anyway! There’s Coug sports to be discussed.

Unfortunately, your Washington State Cougars baseball team couldn’t quite swing the series opener against No. 16 Arizona State (who are currently at 21-9, 8-2 Pac-12) last night, wrapping up 5-6.

The Cougs started strong with 3 runs in the first inning, but ASU responded with 3 runs in the second. The game went scoreless in the third, and with the exception of one run from WSU in the fourth, the game went scoreless until the eighth inning. Wazzu managed one more run there, and things were looking well, but the tide turned pretty quickly.

In the ninth inning, the dominos fell in favor of the Sun Devils, and they scored three runs back to back.

Washington State has another shot tonight at 6:30pm PT and tomorrow at 12:30!

On the Arizona State side of things, Kien Vu was responsible for the game-winning walkoff. The ASU batters also had an absolute number on Washington States pitchers, striking out only six times all game- which is the the second lowest for the Cougs so far.

Luke Hill also had himself a game for Arizona State, with a three-run home run, and could also be a problem tonight.

Yesterday’s game was the second in a row where ASU was down almost the entire game, and came back from out of nowhere to pull the thing off. Ideally, with that knowledge now, the Cougs can readjust and take the rest of the series!

Follow along here! Go Cougs!