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Washington State Baseball takes on Cal

Hopefully no b*llsh*t this time around!

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Today, your Washington State Cougars baseball team heads down to the Bay, taking on the California Golden Bears. The Cougs come off a rough series loss last weekend, where they couldn't quite pull it together against the Huskies.

But we won’t dwell on that!

Gameplay starts today at 6:05 PM PT, Saturday at 2:05 PM, and Sunday at 1:05 PM.

WSU is currently 27-19, 8-15 in Pac-12 play. Cal sits at 21-23 overall, 9-15 in the Pac-12. They most recently swept their UCLA series, winning the first game 10-7, the following 9-2, and the last 9-8. Now, Washington State was also able to win the majority of their games against UCLA, despite the last game in the series being postponed. The Cougs 9-5 in the first game, and 5-1 in the second.

Some standout performances from the UCLA series on Cals part include Carson Crawford (Sophomore Pitcher) and Max Handron (Junior Infielder) both grabbing a home run, and two homers from Rodney Green Jr. (Sophomore Outfielder).

Handron had another big game the following day, with another home run. Paulshawn Pasqualotto was pitching, and held UCLA to his very best ability it seems. And in the final meeting, it seems Handron wanted to outdo himself, and grabbed two homeruns this time. He seems to be a name to watch, I’d assume.

Overall, I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of Handron and a lot of Green Jr.

This will undoubtably be an interesting weekend of baseball! According to the weather Google search I just made, it’ll likely be in the 70°F range and sunny- perfect weather for baseball, even if it’s just to look at!

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and happy early Mother’s Day! This is a reminder now, you still have time to get some ducks in a row to celebrate all the special mother figures in your life. But don’t buy the flowers until Saturday evening or Sunday morning. You’re welcome.

Go Cougs!