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NCAA Basketball: Pac-12 Conference Tournament Quarterfinals - Oregon vs Washington State

Adrame Diongue Hits the Portal

WSU’s Sophomore Center hits the Transfer Portal at the last second

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State Cougars have taken yet another gut punch with sophomore center Adrame Diongue hitting the transfer portal. Diongue was the 43rd ESPN recruit and the 90th 247 recruit in 2022 and he was a big get for Kyle Smith and staff last offseason. Diongue was the projected starting center for the Cougs this season and replacing him will immediately become biggest priority for the WSU staff.

Diongue played a small role as a frshman last season, playing only 6.3 minutes a game and missing a stretch of the season with injury. However, the potetnial was obvious even in that small role. He had an 8.8% block rate and a 2.6% steal rate, both of which are insanely good. The defensive potential remains off the charts and that is why NBA teams remain incredibly interested in Diongue.

Diongue was an exciting part of WSU’s future and losing him hurts. There is a lot of uncertainty with WSU’s roster at this point. Justin Powell and Mouhamed Gueye are both choosing between going pro and heading back to WSU, but both might be leaning pro. DJ Rodman, TJ Bamba, and Carlos Rosario have already left by portal means.

The portal giveth and the portal taketh, however, and there might be some excitement on the horizon for Coug hoops fans.

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