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WSU Soccer beats University of Portland 1-0

HUUUUUGE win, in our opinion.

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Last night, your own No. 23 Washington State Cougars took on the infamous University of Portland, and accomplished a program-first win, 1-0.

Portland had 19 shots (9 on goal) compared to 9 shots and 4 shots on goal from WSU. Both teams were relatively neck in neck with fouls, the Cougs had 8 called, Portland had 10.

Bridget Rieken had the honor of having the lone goal of the night- and what a goal it was.

In case you can’t tell- it was a header.

Another standout moment? Nadia Cooper matching her career high of 10 saves! I get a little emotional around Cooper, I remember writing about her freshman season! I can’t believe she’s a junior now. I feel like a proud relative you see at awkward family events who always says they can't believe how fast you “shot up”! But I really can’t believe it, Nadia.

If you’d like to watch the full highlights, I’ve linked ‘em!

To accompany this brief summary, we have pictures from Washington State’s victory over Eastern Washington, taken by the amazing Ashley Davis!

Can’t wait to see where soccer goes this season. Go Cougs!