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Photo Gallery: WSU defeated No. 8 BYU

We are the superior Cougars, always.

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Your NUMBER 11 Washington State Cougars Volleyball is ‘gone to Texas after a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, incredible victory over then #8 BYU last Friday. To say they kicked the Go Cougs vibes into the sun to start last weekend would be a gross understatement.

Tonight, No. 11 WSU (I will say that as many times as humanly possible) goes up against No. 18 Baylor, which is an especially exciting matchup since the Cougs will be looking for redemption after their 2021 NCAA Second Round defeat at the hands of Baylor. The game is at 5pm PT, and will be on ESPN+.

While I normally advocate for looking towards the future, let’s reminisce on the wonders of upsetting a top-10 team, the first ranked win of the season, AND, the first top-10 win since 2021.

Our wonderful, amazing, talented, I will keep adding complimentary adjectives whenever I talk about both of our photographers because they just keep earning them and it makes my heart happy, Ashley Davis, was there- along with yours truly, and my dear friends Craig Powers and Stephanie Keen. We also met the wonderful Andrew Foss, met CougCenter’s own Zane in real life, met his amazing and hilarious children (briefly, they had a long day- we got to hang out more on Saturday, and Zane once again if you’re looking for a babysitter...) AND watched volleyball dominate.

Did this give you some FOMO? I hope not. But if it did, don’t worry- these pics will make you feel like you were there!

Go Cougs!