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Photo Gallery: WSU Soccer shuts down Kansas, gets ready to host Seattle U

Get ready for another exciting weekend of Cougar sports!

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

To close out a truly amazing weekend of Washington State athletics, your very own WSU Cougars Soccer took down Kansas 1-0. As a personal anecdote to get the ball rolling, on Friday night I saw Coach Schulenberger at the last part of the volleyball game, and was a bit too starstruck to say hello. So Coach, if you’re reading this (doubtful)- I am a big fan, and wanted to tell you so, but was genuinely too nervous. If you know me at all personally, that is very rare!

Back to what you’ve all been waiting for!

Our astounding, talented, brilliant friend and photographer Ashley Davis grabbed some amazing pics of Soccer vs. Kansas, where your Cougs took win. Check ‘em out!

Tonight, your 11th ranked Cougar Soccer (have I mentioned that yet? That we’re No. 11? No? WE ARE!) take on Seattle University. This is the 13th matchup between the teams, and WSU is up 10 games to 2 against the Redhawks.

WSU is taking on Seattle U tonight, at 7pm PT, and it’s TAYLOR SWIFT THEMED. Please go, as I cannot.

Go Cougs forever!