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Fan Face Friday - Bye Bye Badgers

Kicking things off with a pic of one of WSUs finest former athletes, and a current fan.

Ashley Davis

Good evening, Coug fans!

Today is the start of a new series we’re doing here at CougCenter called Fan Face Friday!

The fans, students, and athletes alike absolutely brought the energy against Wisconsin last weekend, and while we do have some amazing pictures of what was happening on the field, we wanted to capture the ambiance off the field as well- and Fan Face Friday was born.

Every Friday, from various sporting events, Ashley Davis (photographer extraordinaire and my personal sounding board/part of the mind behind this new series) and I will be posting a handful of photos of you.

Yes, you.

Ashley will be at some of your favorite Cougar Athletic events, and her goal is to find the most energetic, passionate, hyped up Cougs so we can capture the true essence of what it’s like to root for these programs.

I am now officially issuing you two challenges: one, if you see her- put on a damn show.

Two, check the gallery below and tag who you see!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to talk to Cougs and Badgers both about their experiences this game day, what they thought the atmosphere was like, and how they felt interacting with fans of the opposite team.

Obviously I heard choruses of “Go Cougs” constantly, and any new friends I made over the weekend were surrounded by a hum of anticipation. The fans were ready for our team to prove to the world what we’ve known for a long time.

The consensus from our Midwestern opponents was, overall, how nice we were. While I didn’t see as many Wisconsin fans as I saw Cougs in Madison last year, each one I had the opportunity to chat with made a point to mention to me how welcome they felt.

I believe this is a testament to a lot of things.

Washington State is no stranger to hardships. We’ve overcome a lot, and grown stronger as a community. In our chosen anthem, Andy Grammer sings:

So here’s to the cheap sunglasses, Red Bull and minivans, and people who had your back when the world didn’t understand.

While there are a lot of lyrics that we can cling to, that one is truly (to me) what it feels like.

We really do have each others backs when the world doesn’t understand.

Anyone above look familiar? Reach out! Share the pic - tag Ashley and I!

Next week Ashley will be at the volleyball Apple Cup vs. University of Washington- volleyball will be fresh off their Texas trip, and when you’re reading this they’ll have already beaten Baylor (huuuuuge) 3-1, and will be playing University of Texas tonight! Horns down!

Go Cougs- that’s you too, not just the teams.