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Washington State volleyball upsets defending NCAA Champions University of Texas


Ashley Davis



Your own Washington State Cougars volleyball just looked the bull right in the eye, and hooked the horns down.

I am of course talking about tonight’s victory over the No. 6 University of Texas Longhorns, reigning National Champions.

Please check your pulses, because mine is through the roof.

Also- note the “That’s 3 straight ranked victories over BIG 12 opponents” comment.

WSU took the match 3-1. The Cougs lost the first set 21-25, but went on to win the next three with an amazing 25-22, on all. Three. Sets. Iman Isanovic led the Cougs in kills with 13, followed by 12 from Magda Jehlarvoa, and 11 from Pia Timmer. Argentina Ung led the match in hitting, going .400- and also had 43 assists. Speaking of 40, Timmer had 40 attacks (wow), and Karly Basham had 19 digs.

Jehlarvoa led the Cougs in points, racking up 17.0!

This is the second Top-10 win for WSU this season, and the first three match winning streak against teams ranked in the top 25 of the AVCA in five years.

I genuinely am so happy it hurts. I wish I had more to say, but I fear it wouldn't make sense. I am just so happy for this team.

The next game is Thursday, September 21st, and it’s the Apple Cup. If you are in Pullman, I don’t care what you’re doing on Thursday- your plans are now Volleyball. Your wife is in labor? That baby is the new #1 WSU volleyball fan. You have jury duty? You’re getting out of it. You just kinda don’t want to go? Yes you do, grow up.

Holy cow. Go Cougs forever.