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Photo Gallery: the Monday after the slaughter

Hell of a way to end non-conference play.

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

On Saturday, your Washington State Cougars ran through Northern Colorado, and our very own Ashley Davis has all the pics.

If you have FOMO from the weekend, fear no longer!

This upcoming Saturday, WSU hosts the Pac-12 Championship, welcoming our best friends Oregon State University up to the Palouse. It’s a little early in the season, considering it’ll be the first game of conference play, but might as well get the big game out of the way so nothing else matters!

Students (pictured) have begun campaigning for Gameday to head our way, and while I doubt it’ll happen, I would love nothing more.

I will be going to the game, and I have “Cougs (heart) Beavs” friendship bracelets, along with “Pac-2” friendship bracelets. We have to laugh, right? Right?!

I hope you all have an excellent Monday, enjoy these pictures, stay hydrated... Go Cougs!