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No. 7 WSU Volleyball takes on UW for the first Apple Cup of the season

We can’t wait!

Ashley Davis

Good morning, Coug fans!

Tonight, your very own NUMBER 7 Washington State Cougars take on the enemy, at home, at 7pm Pacific Time.

This is very exciting, and I am actually a little emotional about this game- I grew up next door to one of the University of Washington players, who transferred into the program! She’s very talented. I want her and the Cougs to have fantastic games, but no one else!

Not only is this an exciting rivalry game, but it opens volleyball conference play.

Read that one more time.

OPENS conference play. I feel like so much has happened for volleyball already, and the season is just beginning. If I keep going down this road I’ll make our friendly neighborhood photo contributor Ashley cry, as she is the undisputed number one fan of the volleyball team.


As we know, our dear Magda Jehlarova was named Pac-12 Defensive Player of the week, and we couldn’t be prouder.

In terms of game history, 2002 was the last time WSU came into the game ranked higher than UW, 17th compared to 21st. Washington State won that matchup, this is actually the recap for that game! Kind of a fun walk down memory lane for you.

When I clicked over to the UW website for research purposes, an ad for how they’re joining the Big 10 popped up. I’m going to try not to let that ruin my day, but I’m dragging all of you there with me.

UW volleyball is 9-2 on their season, 3-0 away games. They lost to UTEP 2-3 early on, and never won a set against Pepperdine, losing 0-3. They have a long stretch of away games coming up, so hopefully that number will shift- more specifically, tonight I hope it changes!

The Seattle Times referenced this game as a “big test” for UW- read here if you so desire. It’s essentially an interview with the Huskies new head coach, who is a UW alum.

I am anxiously awaiting the game, and plan to watch it on the Pac-12 Network! Once again, game is at 7pm PT. If you can’t be there, tune in!!

Go Cougs!