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Photo Gallery: Washington State vs. Colorado State

A good day to reflect on the first win of the season

Jack Ellis/CougCenter

Good evening, Coug fans!

I hope everyone had a fun Labor Day weekend. For me, I realized this was the first Labor Day in a few years that I hadn’t been... laboring for. So I had myself a very relaxing day!

Speaking of fun- our wonderful and talented friend Jack Ellis went down to Fort Collins to capture some pictures from the first game of the football season- when Washington State beat Colorado State 50-24. You guys remember that?

If you don’t, these pictures will truly make you feel like you were there. Check ‘em out!

WSU gears up to take on University of Wisconsin this upcoming weekend, but more on that later. I’ll be at the game, and I made friendship bracelets, so be warned now.

Go Cougs!