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No. 6 Colorado and No. 20 Utah take the weekend against Washington State

Each was undeniably well fought, but unfortunately it was Mountains over Palouse this weekend.

Ashley Davis

Good afternoon, Coug fans.

This past weekend, your Washington State Cougars took on No. 6 Colorado and No. 20 Utah at home, and unfortunately fell short in both games.

On Friday, February 2nd, the Cougs hosted the No. 6 Buffs, and kept it tight for the first two quarters, ending the first tied at 15, and trailing by 3 in the second. However, Colorado got the advantage in the third and pulled ahead by 6, which would eventually be their margin of victory.

Throughout the course of the game, the Cougs held onto a lead for 15+ minutes, tied things up 13 times, and saw strong games from Tara Wallack (19 points), Astera Tuhina (15 points) and Elenora Villa (15 points).

Bella Murekatete had 10 rebounds against Colorado, which swung her up to 899 career rebounds- she would go on and grab four more against Utah, which surpassed the previous record holder (Kate Benz, a Forward from my hometown of Portland Oregon, in the program from 2003-2007) and end up with 903 so far.

The final score wound up 63-57, Buffs.

Speaking of Utah...

The Cougs were ultimately outshot, with Utah going nearly 52% from the field, with 25 points resulting from 16 turnovers.

Villa had an excellent game this time around as well, with another 15 points. Murekatete dropped 15 as well, along with 3 assists, a steal, and her record breaking 4 rebounds to make 903 in her career!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the show put on by Tuhina, which included 7 points, 3 steals, and 3 rebounds in her 30 minutes of play- the real show stopper would have to include her buzzer beater from OUTSIDE the logo, featured on the March Madness Women’s Basketball account!

The final score against No. 20 Utah was 73-61, Utes.

This was the first series where the Cougs were without Charlisse Leger-Walker, and while it’s an adjustment for sure, with time the team will find new ways to succeed.

Below is Coach Kamie Ethridge postgame after Utah.

It’s a new week for Wazzu, as we take on Cal on Friday 2/9 at 7pm.

Go Cougs!