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The Girl Behind the Meme: I’m Morgan, nice to meet you!

Here we go...

If you’ve been hanging around Coug Twitter for the last month or so, chances are you’ve seen one or two particular memes floating around. Starting with “me watching someone’s downfall because I prayed for it” after a certain team choked in a kind of important game, followed by a Coug’s take on the classic “Say the line!” meme format, and most recently, a very poorly edited photo of Kyle Smith holding a cherry Bubly, and possibly a Costco hot dog, is it ringing a bell…?

It’s me, hi.

I’m Morgan, better known recently as the “Wazzu meme girl”! I’m here today to help you get to know the girl behind the memes, make my formal introduction to all the lovely readers of CougCenter, and answer some of your burning questions about where this sudden influx of aforementioned poorly edited images came from.

I’ll start with a confession: if I can’t make a meme with the tools provided for me on Snapchat, I cannot make it. Everything you’ve witnessed thus far has been created on that charming app with the “cut” tool, as well as many attempts with the infuriatingly glitchy “erase” function. And before you ask, yes, I have been offered a tour of Photoshop by more than one person, but I fear the Snapchat grade editing has become my brand.

Subpar meme-making abilities aside, I’m a loud and proud WSU alumna. I spent fall of 2019 to spring of 2023 in the magical, rolling wheat fields of Pullman, (with the exception of a brief hiccup in 2020– not sure if anybody heard about that?) and being a Coug is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m indebted to my wonderful mom who forced me to take a campus tour during my junior year of high school— even though 17 year-old Morgan insisted she would never go to a “party school out in the middle of nowhere...” I know, I know.

It took all of maybe 5 minutes on my first-ever walk through campus to get a tingly, “butterflies in my stomach” sensation that, to this day, continues to come back whenever I’m on my way to Pullman. My heart truly beats for that place and the community I’ve been blessed with thanks to it, and I’m forever grateful I listened to the immediate gut feeling that told me Washington State was my home.

When one of the lovely managing editors with CougCenter reached out to me and jokingly asked how she could get me to come write for them, I responded simply, “don’t tempt me”. A place to dump all my thoughts about Coug-related matters with an essentially unlimited character limit? Sign me up!

And sure enough, somehow she was serious, so I’m thrilled to be here to subject you all to weekly commentary on any and all things related to the Cougs, and maybe some premier Wazzu memes thrown in here and there. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to tackle, let me know— you know where to find me on Twitter / X!

With that being said, friends, let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride. Go Cougs!