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One Awesome Play: Easop Winston is an expert in the red zone

How to put a DB in a no-win situation. And Four Verts is a goal line play.

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Coach’s Corner: The Houston Offense

Where RPO meets Air Raid

One Awesome Play: Welcome to the track meet on turf

Rodrick Fisher roasts a corner and Dez Patmon outruns an entire secondary. This team is fast.

Play diagram: Mesh

We dissect the pass concepts in the Air Raid beginning with one of its staples.

Play diagram: Y-Cross

When the Air Raid wants a big play, it usually goes to Four Verts. But Y-Cross is pretty good in that regard, too.

Play diagram: Four Verts

Understanding the mother of all Air Raid plays.

Air Raid Playbook

Under Mike Leach, WSU runs the Air Raid offense. Despite five receivers entering the pattern on virtually every play in what looks like loosely organized chaos, it's not nearly as complicated as you might think. These posts will teach you about its basics, which covers the vast majority of what you'll see on Saturdays from the Cougs.

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Coach's corner: Those funky pre-snap formations serve a purpose!

I'm going to be honest. For three weeks, I hated the pre-snap shifting that Cougs started doing. But apparently Leach was playing the long con.

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Coach’s Corner: The QB run game

You read that right. WSU QBs running. On purpose.

Air Raid Plays

The Appendix: Air Raid links galore

We conclude our series with some thoughts on what we hoped to accomplish, and include what amounts to the appendix - a dump of every link that went into the making of the Air Raid Playbook series.

One Awesome Play: Minshew II manipulates a defense

This is a play that didn’t count for anything on Saturday. But it shows all you need to know about Wazzu’s quarterback.

Basics of pass protection

Diagrams of a few basic protection schemes and a slew of external links on the topic.

Reading the defense

In the first installment of our series deconstructing the Air Raid offense Mike Leach brought to WSU, we take a look at the first thing a quarterback does when he comes to the line of scrimmage: Read the defense.

One Awesome Play: Easop Winston is against banning redzone fades

The redzone fade is a beautiful thing

Two Awesome Plays: Cougs Air Raid in the wind and rain

Tay Martin got in the endzone and Dezmon Patmon got a nice shoulder in this week’s play breakdowns.

Play Diagram: RB screen

The perfect, ruthless counter to a heavy pass rush

One Awesome Play: Cougs strike deep on ... shallow cross?

Isaiah Johnson-Mack breaks the O

One Awesome Play: Renard Bell roasts the USC secondary down the seam

Renard Bell goes deep again! This time beating his defender in a straight up foot race.

One Awesome Play: Renard Bell is not blocking

Renard Bell’s H-Angle route dekes a screen block and turns upfield to roast Nevada.

One Awesome Play: Jamire Calvin sparks a comeback over Boise State

Tyler Hilinski and Jamire Calvin connect on a corner route to score Wazzu’s first offensive touchdown.

One Awesome Play: WSU’s shovel pass vs. Montana State

Here’s how the Cougs abused the Bobcats with a simple screen.

Why going under center could benefit WSU's offense

The run game could see a big boost from the Cougars adding this little wrinkle to its attack.

Play Diagram: Introducing Randy and Larry

The Cougs use wide receiver screens to attack the boundary space of a defense.

Featured Fanshot

No, Connor Halliday doesn't call all the plays

In case there was any lingering confusion over how play calling works for WSU, this should clear it up. Halliday also noted in his media session today that he changes about 40 to 45 percent of plays.

Play diagram: Y-Sail

A flood concept that exemplifies how Mike Leach uses triangles to force the defense into making a mistake.

Play diagram: The Shallow Cross

That one play where Dominique Williams is wide open forever.

Play diagram: The Wheel

It's a versatile play that can be used both to gash the defense big gains and also get just that little bit of separation in the red zone.

Play diagram: All Curl

We deconstruct another staple of the Air Raid playbook. It looks just like it sounds.

Is the Air Raid past its prime?

We offer a spirited defense of Mike Leach's offensive system.

Play diagram: Shakes, Stick, and Corners

Here are a trio of route concepts that can work with previously presented plays.

Defensive coverages in action

In the next installment of our series deconstructing the Air Raid offense Mike Leach brought to WSU, we take a deeper look at what happens after the pre-snap read.


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