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Air Raid Plays

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Coach’s Corner: The Houston Offense

Where RPO meets Air Raid

One Awesome Play: Jamire Calvin sparks a comeback over Boise State

Tyler Hilinski and Jamire Calvin connect on a corner route to score Wazzu’s first offensive touchdown.

One Awesome Play: WSU’s shovel pass vs. Montana State

Here’s how the Cougs abused the Bobcats with a simple screen.

Play Diagram: RB screen

The perfect, ruthless counter to a heavy pass rush

Play Diagram: Introducing Randy and Larry

The Cougs use wide receiver screens to attack the boundary space of a defense.

Play diagram: Four Verts

Understanding the mother of all Air Raid plays.

Play diagram: Shakes, Stick, and Corners

Here are a trio of route concepts that can work with previously presented plays.

Play diagram: Y-Cross

When the Air Raid wants a big play, it usually goes to Four Verts. But Y-Cross is pretty good in that regard, too.

Play diagram: Y-Sail

A flood concept that exemplifies how Mike Leach uses triangles to force the defense into making a mistake.

Play diagram: The Shallow Cross

That one play where Dominique Williams is wide open forever.

Play diagram: The Wheel

It's a versatile play that can be used both to gash the defense big gains and also get just that little bit of separation in the red zone.

Play diagram: All Curl

We deconstruct another staple of the Air Raid playbook. It looks just like it sounds.

Play diagram: Mesh

We dissect the pass concepts in the Air Raid beginning with one of its staples.