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Apple Cup 2018

Recap: No. 16 Washington wins another Apple Cup, 28-15, over No. 8 WSU

Another excellent Cougar regular season ends with a thud at the hands of the Huskies.

Apple Cup Fun

Featured Fanshot

WSU will wear script 'Cougars' logo on Apple Cup helmets

And there it is -- what wewondered has come to fruition. Here's how it looks on Gardner Minshew when he throws. Dreamy!

Baxter’s “beer” for the Apple Cup

Sometimes Baxter’s beer isn’t a beer at all.

Apple Cup: Game thread!

Come find out how to watch the 111th meeting between Washington and Washington State.

Apple Cup History

HCA: Three bold predictions for the Apple Cup

It’s time.

Apple Cup 2018: Hate Week? More like “God I hate this week!”

Some things never change, no matter how much I wish they would.

What is WSU up to with its Apple Cup uniforms?

A couple of preview videos have got us wondering.

The most important person vs. Washington: Gardner Minshew II

Uncle Rico. The Mississippi Mustache. Gardner Minshew II. Whatever you want to call him, he has exceeded every expectation set before him.

Interactive Graphic: UW’s defense is only pretty scary this year instead of utterly terrifying

A lack of pressure on the QB has led to a big drop in interceptions.

Pre Snap Read: The Apple Cup

The Pac-12 North and potentially a playoff spot are on the line, just not for the team everyone thought heading into the season.

Featured Fanshot

WSU unveils uniform combo for Apple Cup vs. UW

I love it -- the crimson is prominent, but without doubling up on the all-crimson, which we saw recently. What say you?

Plan for rain, wind and maybe some snow for the Apple Cup, plus poor road conditions

Drive safe and be prepared, Cougs.

Mike Leach has $400,000 reasons to win the Apple Cup (and keep winning)

We’re talking about contract incentives. And the number could grow to $700k if everything broke right for the Cougs.

Once more, unto the Gamble-Tron's Apple Cup breach

It can’t get any worse, can it?

HCA: Looking back at the 2012 Apple Cup victory

The Apple Cup has been a house of horrors for the Cougars recently, so let’s take a look back at some better times for ole’ Wazzu in the rivalry matchup.

The CougCenter Hour: Christian Caple previews the Huskies plus Tom Hutyler, creator of “Mississippi Mustache”

It’s a big ol’ Apple Cup preview show!

Apple Cup: WSU stays at No. 8 in CFP rankings, UW up to No. 16

The committee is unimpressed with hanging 69 on a conference opponent.

Listen to ‘The Mississippi Mustache,’ an ode to Gardner Minshew

This is so good!

Interactive Graphic: WSU’s TD machine is giving me hope in the Apple Cup

Very few teams get into the end zone at a higher rate than the Cougs.

In case you need a refresher on the logistics of Friday’s Apple Cup

Read on for the TV schedule, streaming options, and latest betting lines.

Featured Fanshot

Apple Cup: WSU president declares 'Purple Free Zone'

This is pretty funny.

WSU opens as 3-point favorite over UW in the Apple Cup

It’s the first time the Cougs have been favored over the Huskies since 2006.

The Monday After: In honor of WSU’s Apple Cup performance

I decided to write a column befitting the Cougs’ effort.

HCA: The good, bad and ugly of another Apple Cup Beatdown

Who could have seen this coming?!

RECAP: WSU embarrassed by UW again, 41-14

Once again, it was never a game.

Baxter has a new friend for the Apple Cup

Baxter is revisiting what works in Apple Cup beer-picking.

Pre-Snap Read: The Apple Cup

Can the Cougs finally break through?

HCA: Apple Cup judgment day is here

Apple Cup: Game thread, TV info

The Cougs head to Montlake with the Pac-12 North on the line. The Huskies look to play spoiler.

Coach’s Corner: The John Ross Effect

The Huskies no longer have their speed demon to stretch the field. How has that changed their offense?