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2012 Apple Cup in one GIF

For the Apple Cup, WazzuCrew11 made you a GIF

We tried the whole dance-off thing and it didn't end up working out. Something about Gangnam Style and copyrights and all that fun stuff. In light of that, though, WazzuCrew11 went back to work in an effort to give us all one final gift before the Apple Cup. And what a gift it is.

You see, a dance-off might have been a fun way to settle the Apple Cup. It might have been a harmless way to settle a score -- all set to the sounds of PSY. But really, who doesn't want to see Mike Leach and Steve Sarkisian actually get after it and get down to business.

So, of course, WazzuCrew11 made quick work of the issue, jumping back into the GIF machine and creating a masterpiece. Behold his latest creation, which is sure to get everyone ready for the 2012 Apple Cup. It may not be Gangnam Style, but that's okay. It's even better.