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No, Mike Leach didn't open a bar tab after the Apple Cup

What happened last night? Where's my wallet? And did Mike Leach buy everyone drinks?

In the haze following the Apple Cup, quite a few people thought Mike Leach had opened a bar tab at Valhalla in Pullman. He had joked about the first round being on him earlier, and it looked like he actually had followed through on it. There were many tweets and texts about Leach buying rounds, but you know how these things go.

It's actually been like a game of telephone since the Apple Cup ended and the celebration began. Last night, there was talk of Leach showing up and buying drinks for everyone -- and I'd heard the same from multiple people up at the bars on campus. This morning, there were numbers: First the bar tab was $3,000, then $10,000 and finally $25,000, or his entire Apple Cup bonus. I know WSU fans can drink -- and they were certainly in the mood to do so on Friday night -- but that's a ton of money for a bar tab.

So what's the truth? I called Valhalla and asked. No, Leach did not open a tab at the bar, so drinks weren't on the Apple Cup-winning coach, even if a lot of people -- many of whom were at the Valhalla last night -- were under the impression that they were.

But hey, maybe the drinks were on somebody else. Or a pour soul named Mike Lech woke up to a pounding headache and a massive bar tab.