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Apple Cup 2015: Baxter's beer of the game for WSU vs. UW

Bax is going to Pullman for his beer this week.

It's the Apple Cup, a great time for beer-drinking and Baxter has a special brew for the game. Now, we know he is a dog, but he's not a Dawg, so it's alright for you to take beer advice from him.

Baxter has sought to have mostly Northwest beers this season, but that usually means his beers are from the West side of the state. But he's had this particular game in mind, and it seemed like the perfect time to feature a beer out of Pullman itself: Postal Porter from Paradise Creek Brewery.

This season started with Paradise Creek for me. My Dad and I pulled into Pullman on September 4th, checked into the Manor Lodge hotel, and walked the couple blocks over to the brewpub and sampled all it had to offer.


That was my first taste of Paradise Creek, but recently I've noticed the brewery has been selling its bottles across the state. I picked up this particular bottle from my local beer store, which also had Scottish Stovepipe and Huckleberry Pucker. Since Baxter featured a Scotch ale last week, and huckleberry seems like more a summer flavor, he told me to pick up the porter.

Craig's review: A nice, flavorful porter. Toasty and roasty, and goes down easy. Good job, Pullman.

Baxter's review: I've never been to Pullman (when will they start letting me into the stadium?). If this beer is anything like the rest of Pullman, then the town must be as good as Craig describes it!

Also, sorry Huskies, but I have to root against my species this time around. Besides, Boycat is a real good friend of mine, and cats aren't all that bad.

That's the Pullman beer that Baxter and I will be enjoying for the Apple Cup. What will you be having?