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Apple Cup 2018

Happy Thanksgambling from the Gamble-Tron

Time to place bets and ignore the family

Of Cougar fear and self-loathing in the Apple Cup

The worst-best (best-worst?) game of the year is upon us, WSU fans. Embrace your dread.

The most important person vs. Washington: the open door

Great (and not so great) moments in Apple Cup history

There were the best of times, and then there were the I-can't-take-it-anymore times.

Apple Cup 2017: The CougCenter Hour examines another big rivalry match-up

Another year, another team with a chance to go to the Pac-12 Championship game. This time though, it’s just the Cougs. Pressure’s on.

Interactive Graphic: How the #SpeedD can turn the Apple Cup

If Luke Falk’s struggles on the road continue, WSU will need a big game from the defense to take home the win.

WSU moves up one spot to No. 14

It appears it’ll be the first Apple Cup featuring two top 15 teams in the AP poll.

HCA: Recapping the weekend in Pac-12 Football

No WSU, but still some entertainment

Featured Fanshot

Someone brought a WSU flag to the Utah v. UW game

We'll never know their name but they're still my hero.

Apple Cup 2017: WSU will play for Pac-12 North, UW will not

One team didn’t hold up its end of the bargain.

Apple Cup game time set for 5 p.m. on FOX

The kickoff time is finally set for the biggest game of the year between No. 14 WSU and No. 18 UW.

The Monday After: Still pretty good, just probably not as good as we hoped

After getting blasted in yet another Apple Cup, the second part probably is obvious ... so cling to the first part.

HCA: Thoughts on another disappointing Apple Cup

We all saw it. We all wish we hadn't.

Apple Cup 2016 live stream: How to watch the Huskies vs. Cougars online

Can’t get to a TV to watch the Apple Cup? Check out this stream.

This stream has:

Apple Cup 2016: Gameday updates

The winner of today's game will head to Santa Clara, California, to play for the right to represent the Pac-12 in the Rose Bowl.

Apple Cup 2016, Washington State vs. Washington game thread

It's time.

HCA: It’s finally gameday for Apple Cup 2016!

Get your Black Friday started right with all there is to read on the game.

How to watch Apple Cup 2016: Game time, TV schedule, radio feed and more

It’s a big Apple Cup. Find out how to follow it here.

Apple Cup 2016 will miss River Cracraft, an all-time Coug

The Cougs will be missing one of their all-time best when they take the field on Friday in the Apple Cup.

Coach’s Quick Screen - Brink’s Final Pass

Looking back at a great play in Apple Cup history.

Apple Cup 2016: Baxter’s beer of the game

Baxter’s got something Epic for the Apple Cup.

Coach’s Quick Screen - Harvey Wins it for the Cougs

Looking back at a great play in Apple Cup history.

Apple Cup 2016: Why we keep coming back for more

There’s been a lot of bad football, and some bad Apple Cups too, over the last decade for Washington State. But 2012, for me, shows why we keep coming back

The Gamble-Tron wants a trophy

But we’ll settle for a cup.

Apple Cup 2016: What the heck does Keith Jackson say at the end of this sentence?

We can’t figure it out and we hope you can.

Featured Fanshot

Woodland Park Zoo Raccoon Lucy picks WSU

Loggit this adorable lil' raccoon pickin' the Cougs to win the Apple Cup!

Coach’s Quick Screen - Leaf to Jackson

Looking back at a great play in Apple Cup history.

The journey from ‘Crapple Cup’ in 2008 to a title game in 2016

The stakes are high in the Apple Cup this year. It wasn’t that long ago that the scene was much different.

Pre-Snap Read: 2016 Apple Cup

Here’s how WSU and UW will try to attack each other, as the Cougs and Huskies play for the Pac-12 North title.

HCA: The last time an Apple Cup game meant everything

The 2016 Apple Cup is huge, maybe even the biggest in three decades.

The most important person vs. Washington: Gabe Marks

Even though the last decade has been filled with some truly awful seasons, there have been plenty of players we’ve missed when they’re gone. But there will probably none more than Gabe Marks.

The Gravitron Diaries: Chapter Apple Cup

We hate that team; We hate this game. We really want to change that.


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