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CougCenter responsibilities include: Writing, with an emphasis on breaking down football schemes and finding interesting ways to look at data.

As a former high school quarterback, I like to bring the knowledge and insight I gained while playing the position and studying the game to my writing. I also apply techniques in data analysis I've learned professionally when the situation calls for it.

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Breaking down WSU’s 2022 schedule, game by game

Here’s how the Cougs’ schedule unfolds and how it might influence the prospects for the season.

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Breaking down WSU’s schedule, game by game

A quick look at each team the Cougs will play, as well as opponents’ scheduling factors that could have an impact.

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The Pre-Snap Read: Spread ’Em and Shred ’Em

It’s time to roll with the Run and Shoot.

Pre-Snap Read: Washington State Cougars vs. UCLA Bruins

Chip Kelly is post-Blur and the good people in Westwood probably didn’t hire him for that.

One Awesome Play: Easop Winston is an expert in the red zone

How to put a DB in a no-win situation. And Four Verts is a goal line play.

One Awesome Play: Welcome to the track meet on turf

Rodrick Fisher roasts a corner and Dez Patmon outruns an entire secondary. This team is fast.

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Cougs vs. Everybody: Breaking down WSU’s 2019 schedule

Let’s look at the ebbs and flows to try and figure out the hot spots.

Iowa State’s defense presents a unique challenge for WSU’s Air Raid

The Cyclones employ a lot of creativity.

The CFP’s ranking method, revealed at last! (aka: How to effectively screw WSU)

We don’t need a bunch of people in a room. Just follow this formula, and you can do it, too.

Pre Snap Read: The Apple Cup

The Pac-12 North and potentially a playoff spot are on the line, just not for the team everyone thought heading into the season.