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It’s about the players

It’s not about a coach.

Nick Rolovich did this to himself

It’s over, and it’s incredibly confusing to try and understand how we got here.

How to fire Nick Rolovich for free

He’s given the school a gift and the school needs to take it.

It’s time for Nick Rolovich to go

Enough of these games. It’s time to end this.

What needs to happen next with Nick Rolovich

He had a chance to lead and now it’s time to go.

The Pac-12 added a PR nightmare to its officiating problems

Officiating is about perception, and the Pac-12 continues to bungle its handling of a game that happened a month ago.

College GameDay’s 15-year journey to Pullman was worth the wait

A perfect weekend in Pullman, and a show 15 years in the making.

Larry Scott said this dangerous hit on Gardner Minshew was legal

The hit may have been looked at in the moment, but either way commissioner Larry Scott said it was fine in hindsight.

This was a horrible missed targeting call on a dangerous hit

This hit was dangerous and bad for a number of reasons, so let’s talk about head trauma for minute.

Cougars need Herculean effort to overcome offensive struggles

The defense came through again, and the offense has two weeks to figure itself out before the Apple Cup.