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CougCenter responsibilities include: Writing about beer. Making videos about beer. Editing stuff. Podcasting.

I graduated from WSU in 2007 and began writing as a hobby when I joined the CougCenter staff in 2009. Since then, I have published more than 2,000 articles all around the SB Nation Network.

My hobby eventually turned into a career, and I now report on business technology in a real-life full-time job.

In addition to CougCenter, my sports writing has been published on ESPN Insider and Football Study Hall.

Go Cougs.

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Catching up on fall camp storylines

Plus: How are the NFL Cougs doing?

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Assessing the state of WSU’s offensive line

Injuries are not what this group needs.

Podcast Vs. Everyone: No news is good news for Pac-12 realignment?

Plus, a special guest: Kelsey Knutson of the CougsFirst! Podcast.

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Oh ye of little faith

Kyle Smith and his staff have remade the roster into something that might be stronger than last season.

An Ode to Pullman Summers

Spring semester is over, but the lucky ones in Pullman will be staying behind a little longer.

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Hoops roster carnage + spring game preview

Plus, a look at baseball.

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How good has Efe Abogidi been? Even better than you think

WSU’s big man became an elite Pac-12 player in his second season on the Palouse. What does that mean for his future and his NBA Draft prospects?

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Best Sunday ever!!

WSU’s basketball teams are both in the postseason and baseball came up with a huge win.

How to watch the NCAA women’s basketball selection show

Washington State expects a second-straight NCAA tournament bid on Selection Sunday.

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Let’s finish strong, yeah?

Both WSU basketball teams have huge opportunities in front of them this week.