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VIDEO: Alger’s sick move brings ASU defender to her knees

Brianna Alger might have mortally wounded that poor, poor ASU defender.

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Happy 100th birthday, WSU fight song!

Something I didn't know: According to the book "College Fight Songs II," it's actually creatively titled "The Fight Song." The music was composed by WSU student Phyllis Sayles. Another student Zella Melcher wrote the lyrics. Be sure to play and sing this as loudly as possible in your office today.

Breaking down Gardner Minshew’s Christmas card

WATCH: Gardner Minshew gets the ESPN College GameDay treatment

The segment does a fun job of capturing the WSU quarterback’s rise to a Heisman Trophy candidate (and cult hero).

Gardner Minshew: Come to WSU vs. Arizona OR ELSE THE PUPPY GETS IT

Just kidding. This is completely adorable.

Mike Leach dons a Minshew Mustache postgame, hilarity ensues

Coach looked less than thrilled, but he was a good sport.

Florida football players challenge Andy Mattingly for frying pan supremacy

One of them used the common cookware at a confrontation, just like the former WSU linebacker. But who wore it better?

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Boobie Williams + Bubb Rubb = MAGIC

There are no words. Thank you, Mike, for this gift.

HCA: Jamal Morrow and Gerard Wicks going for one last ride

Shades of Marshawn Lynch, but not in the way you might expect. That, plus your day’s links.

Williams featured in beer ad at Bob’s (sorta)

The irony is strong with this one.

VIDEO: WSU livens up halftime with ... a baby race?

I guess that’s one way to do it!

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Woodland Park Zoo Raccoon Lucy picks WSU

Loggit this adorable lil' raccoon pickin' the Cougs to win the Apple Cup!

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Coug flag makes an appearance at the World Series

The Chicago Cubs are hosting their first World Series game since the end of World War II and, as we all know, significant sporting moments call for just one thing: the Coug flag.

HCA: Morrow chosen as captain for odd reason

The redshirt junior running back for the Cougars earned his way to becoming a captain before he even played a down for the Cougars.

Introducing the greatest WSU hype video ever made

A country-stylized WSU fight song sung by a mulleted man with a guitar? YES PLEASE!

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WSU's run for the Pac-12 title as presented by an intermission beer race


Thompson's mom really knows how to celebrate a TD

Mom's weekend + WSU women's football clinic + TD celebration demonstrations = AWESOME.

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Klay Thompson makes an appearance on Jeopardy!

It's only fitting that his thousand-dollar form was the $1,000 clue, right?

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Popcorn Guy is SVP's "Best Thing I've EVER Seen" honor of "National Popcorn Day." (Which, of course, now becomes "National Popcorn Guy Day.") We all know Cougs have long been on the cutting edge--we're already prepared for "National Fireball Day" and "National Whatever Day." Go Cougs!

Wicks once brought a bat to a game, too

C'mon, Carolina Panthers. This is old news.

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Mike Leach drew up a Turkey Bowl play for the Wall Street Journal

Need to win your annual Thanksgiving morning family/neighborhood football game? Mike Leach has got you covered. You can handle three reads, right?

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Bumpus congratulates Gabe Marks on the record

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That feeling you get when it's Sunday afternoon and WSU is bowl eligibile

OK, fine, this is from before WSU beat UW in soccer on Thursday. But I like to think they're still doing that little dance today.

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VIDEO: 'Get your shoes, we goin' bowling! Zeppoz!'

Man, I hope they actually ended up at Zeppoz last night. (Clicking the link above will take you to the video.)

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Catch Butch T. Cougar on tonight's CMA Awards

If you're thinking to yourself, "What in the heck is Butch doing at the CMAs?", congrats - we didn't have any idea either until we found out that Brad Paisley has a song with a video filled with college mascots. He apparently is set to perform the song tonight. You can tune in at 8 p.m. local time on ABC if you'd like to watch along.

Warning: It might get dusty when watching this

As someone who didn't get to go to homecoming and desperately misses Pullman, it sure was dusty where I was when I watched this.

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WSU Athletics trolls Oregon with this epic tweet

What a dang tweet.

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Pullman Squirrel spotted in Eugene

A lot of people don't get this. They clearly do not know about Pullman Squirrels.

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Deone Bucannon does his best Isaac Dotson

Deone Bucannon wasn't going to stand by and let Isaac Dotson have all the fun.

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WSU invades Chambers Bay for U.S. Open

We might not be great at donating, but we love wearing our logo!


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