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Incredible lightning storm over Pullman

Pullman had quite a lightning storm Saturday night. A friend reports his wall shook from nearby thunder. Here are some incredible pictures of the storm from Jason Krump.

Featured Fanshot

Here's Glenn Johnson on a 1980 Mount St. Helens news broadcast

You most likely know him as the voice of the Cougars at Martin Stadium and Beasley Coliseum. Perhaps you even know him as the mayor of Pullman. But those of us in the Murrow College of Communications know him as a damn fine professor. (Now retired.) And apparently once upon a time, he anchored the KWSU broadcasts, working with student reporters. Keep an eye out for Kathi Goertzen in this broadcast taking in the aftermath of the Mount St. Helens eruption, which has its 35th anniversary today. (h/t @WSUPullman)

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Aron Baynes makes a music video with some San Antonio Spurs friends

There are no words to describe this video. You simply have to watch.

Klay Thompson + Cougar Gold on ESPN

Two things Cougar fans love in one place.

Watch DaVonte Lacy dance badly in a promo

Also better than he lip syncs.

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Anyone need an iPhone lock screen?

This is a thing of beauty.

Tyler Baker has a pet wolf

You read that right

1970 WSU fan tries to tackle Stanford RB

You have to see this to believe it.

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Klay Thompson, still awesome

Here is Mike Leach dancing* to 'Turn Down for What

*not really. Well kinda, sorta.

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The Golden Bears' offense really isn't a joke this year, but it's fun anyway!

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You don't see this everyday

We're going to guess this is a Mizzou fan who knows our recent history.

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They're watching

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Looking good, Martin Stadium

Our little girl is all growns up.

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ESPN gets us

Featured Fanshot

WSU going with all-white uniforms for Oregon game

Featured Fanshot

Martin Stadium and Pullman Sunrise Flyover

Someone thought to get their drone camera out for a sunrise over Martin Stadium. Warning: the beauty may leave you in tears.

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Burglar steals gun, WSU blanket

Apparently, this guy was just getting all the stuff he needs for the game against Oregon this weekend. Anyone seen Woolybugger lately? (h/t @bkransford)

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WSU football will be well fueled for Oregon

Just another reminder that athletes are more special than you: This is how they're eating in the new Cougar Football Complex.

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Think WSU has no shot against Oregon? Think again!

THE DRAKE CURSE LIVES. Get yourself to your nearest legal bookmaker and put it on the board: The Cougs are going to beat Oregon on Saturday.

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WSU's defense summed up in one picture

Interactive Graphic: The History of Ol' Crimson

Ol' Crimson's 150th appearance is approaching this Saturday; navigate the visual to look through photos and watch the reach of the tradition's growth since 2003.

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Featured Fanshot

Mike Leach in SB Nation Longform

"I loved the Masked Rider tradition. I loved the thing where he'd pop up and run down the center of the field. I thought that was a heck of a deal. And with all due respect to the male riders, I th...
Mike Leach in "Double T's last r...
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30 for 30: Popcorn Guy

What if I told you that this 30 for 30 parody about Popcorn Guy was actually really good?

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Mike Leach enjoys organic, locally-sourced tomato ball

Why yes, Mike Leach does enjoy your organic tomato gel-sphere, WSU.

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Wait, that's not good.

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More proof bloggers are a powerful bunch

The two quarterback thing was something we had no idea because obviously that’s the first time they’ve ever done that. So credit Cal. ... Unbelievable job by their bloggers and beat writers — less...
Pat Fitzgerald credits (blames?)...
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Ol' Crimson makes its return!

Go Cougs!

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An in-depth breakdown of the WSU defense

This is the kind of hard-hitting analysis you've come to expect from us. You knew we wouldn't let you down, right?

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Close enough, or something

This wasn't thought out well

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Business as usual

Everyone is happy and healthy!


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