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WSU vs. Arizona football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter went East to grab a beer made out West.

Bax loves beer.
Bax loves beer.


There hasn't been much WSU football recently, and subsequently there hasn't been much need for Baxter to pick out beers of the game. But while the football team needed a bye week to recuperate and relax, Baxter decided to use his free Saturday to visit some friends in the big city.

Last weekend, without the burden of a Cougar football game to cover, Baxter and I took a trip to Boston to stay with a friend and celebrate his birthday.

No less than 25 people were at the party, enjoying catered Chipotle and pumpkin ales in brown-sugar-rimmed-glasses (have only seen this in Boston, it is quite tasty).

But even in such a big crowd, Baxter was the star. In between begging for tacos, he showed off his substantial bag of tricks, delighting the inebriated crowd of millenials. He even tried a few beers, most notably Sierra Nevada's delicious Celebration Ale.

Bax had another reason for going to Boston--there are a few desirable beer brands that distribute in Massachusetts, but not Vermont. One of those is Great Divide out of Colorado, purveyors of a number of delicious beers, the most famous of those being Yeti Imperial Stout.

Yeti is closely aligned with the Russian Imperial Stout style. Those stouts are typically harsher than your standard Irish and have a much heartier hop backbone.

Craig's Review: Great aroma on the beer with mixture of coffee and piney hops. The taste is dark roasted followed by a heavy dose of bitter to balance it out. The alcohol presence gives a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Overall, a delicious beer that was certainly worth the trip to Boston. We also snagged an oak-aged version to enjoy later.

Baxter's Review: Man, people love to watch me roll over. So much that they give me all sorts of treats just for doing so. Do they know how easy that is? I could do it like a thousand times in a row and not even care. People are so easy to please.

The beer was yummy. Tasted like chocolate, which Craig never lets me have (jokes on him, I've eaten an entire box of chocolate chip cookies when he wasn't looking).

That's what Baxter and I are enjoying for WSU-Arizona. What will you be having?