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WSU vs. Arizona football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter wanted me to bring back beer from my travels for WSU vs. Arizona.

Baxter and i haven't spent much time together recently. I've been out of town for work stuff and he's been vacationing in kennels or house-sitting with my girlfriend. That means it's been difficult to carve out time for a good trip to the beer store. Baxter's solution? Bring back beer from wherever I was going.

In this case, the beer is from Ottawa, Canada. I traveled there on business the week before last and met up with a good friend and fellow beer geek who was at the same conference. Naturally, we ventured out to find the best beer that Ottawa had to offer.

We found a great spot called Brothers Beer Bistro in the Byward Market neighborhood of Ottawa. The place had an excellently curated draft and bottle list, a knowledgeable bartender (the owner) and dedicated locals (always a good sign). I typically go for the most local stuff I can find, and the bartender suggested a beer called "Imperial Super Guy" from Ottawa's Beyond the Pale Brewing.

I was impressed with the beer - a rye double IPA - immediately. The local and my new best friend by the end of the night, Andrew, described Beyond the Pale as "the best brewery in Ottawa." I typically try a beer once when I'm in a new place and move onto others, but "Imperial Super Guy" was so good I went back for another.

The bar was also so impressive that we went back again the next night for more Imperial Super Guy and more awesome beer conversation (same bartender and Andrew was back). On my way out of town, I stopped at the brewery to pick up a few growlers of the stuff to take across the border back into Vermont (Baxter's orders).

Craig's Review: Great citrus and spice aroma. The malt character isn't overpowering - it's just enough to balance the strong tropical fruit hop flavors. Truly one of the better double IPAs I've ever had and incredibly easy to drink at its alcohol and bitterness levels.

Baxter's Review: Craig is spending far too much time away from me lately. The least he could do was share this beer with me, which I lapped up quickly. Even though I hope Craig is never leaving again, I'm glad that he brings me back treats like this.

(I'm leaving again on Tuesday).

That's what Baxter and I will be having as the Cougs battle the Wildcats. What are you enjoying for this rare afternoon tilt?