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WSU vs. Arizona football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter is highlighting his favorite vacation spot for Arizona and WSU.

Baxter was off last week, and his friend Lillian filled in admirably with her selection of Tito's. The Texas vodka is pretty good, and pretty good is the highest score for vodka on my personal scale.

Where was Baxter? He decided to skip out on Pullman to spend the weekend in his Yakima (actually Gleed, for the locals) vacation home. You can't blame him, it's much better than his apartment life, where he is always tethered when going outside.

Now, for years Baxter has tried his best to avoid duplicating breweries in his beer column. Unfortunately, with me out of town on work or in Pullman the last two weeks, it's been hard for him to procure different beers. Turns out, dogs have a tough time buying things.

I have a lot of beer in my closet, cupboards and refrigerators. But I'm a beer hoarder and I'll probably never drink those (my girlfriend loves that). So, this week, we agreed to go with a go-to favorite from Baxter's favorite vacation spot: Bale Breaker Topcutter.

Topcutter has been my tailgating staple this year. I'm not the only one, either. I see Topcutter all over the tailgating lots.

Why? It's one of the better IPAs around. It's not a bitter bomb like some of its West Coast counterparts, so it's easier to consume in mass quantities (responsibly, of course). And, it comes in cans for easier transport.

Craig's Review: Citrus-y and dank aroma (dank like cannabis, not like a moldy basement). The taste is complex, with a couple waves of hop flavor. The finish is surprisingly balanced. Just well done.

Baxter's Review: Nothing like running around a big yard, chasing cats, rolling around in something dead and enjoying a nice refreshing Yakima beer at the end of a hard week of laying around the apartment.

That's what Bax and I will be having. What about you?