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WSU vs. Stanford football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter has himself a beer. You might like it.

Holy cow it's a big game this week for our Washington State Cougars. I told Baxter this, and he was like "duh." He's not only a big craft beer guy, but also an avid college football fan, so I might have insulted him a little bit. But nevertheless, he's here with a big beer for WSU's big ol' match-up in the rain with the Stanford Cardinal.

As luck would have it, Baxter is once again in his vacation home this week. Something about it being easier to drive from Yakima to Pullman, than all the way from Olympia, on gamedays. He's not going with another Yakima beer this time around (although he made the great recommendation for a Bale Breaker Bottumcutter growler for tailgating, come see me). However, he is sticking with the "East of the Cascades" vibe, and grabbing a beer from a city that has rapidly become one of the hottest craft beverage spots in the PNW.

Crux Fermentation Project from Bend is not only a brewery with an awesome name, they also make great beer too. Crux was one of the breweries I was quite excited to see in my local beer store once I moved back west in December, and their brews rarely disappoint.

This week, Bax decided to go with Crux Half Hitch, a double india pale ale made with mosaic hops. Mosaic is a super-cool hop right now, and it gives those mango-y, tropical hop flavors that work well in a balanced IPA.

Craig's review: Tropical aroma, the mango taste is up front. Not overly bitter for a double IPA. A good starter "hoppy beer" for those that think they may not like the style. Drink fresh, for sure.

Baxter's review: Do games get any bigger than this? I'm asking seriously. I was born in 2008, around the time CougCenter started. I literally have no idea if games get any bigger than this. Also, I am a dog, so please throw that toy next to you. I want to chase it.

That's what Bax and I will be having as holy-crap-football-that-matters-is-played-in-Pullman. What will you be having?