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WSU vs. Colorado football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter wants to keep me warm with his beer selection this week.

It's cold in Pullman. Not as cold as some November games have been, but it will be below freezing at kickoff for Colorado vs. WSU. When Baxter heard this, he was a little worried for me. So he decided I needed a big, hearty beer to keep me warm throughout a day of tailgating.

So, he looked in my closet and pulled out Fat Woody Scotch Ale from Silver City Brewing. You likely have seen Fat Scotch Ale in the grocery store, I know I've seen it in Safeway and the like. This particular version is aged in oak barrels to give it an extra level of complexity. It checks in at 9.2% ABV, plenty boozy to keep me warm in the cold (the non-oak barrel version is just as potent).

Scotch Ales are interesting. Much like ambers, they used to be the kings of the early craft beer movement. Both have similar colors and malt-forward flavors. They are approachable, and that's what the craft beer industry needed when it was trying to ween the masses off piss-colored lagers that were more fizzy than flavorful.

The real difference between ambers and scotches, from what I can tell, is the use of peated malt in a scotch ale. That gives it a subtle smoky flavor that you might find in its hard alcohol inspiration: Scotch whisky.

Craig's Review: Obviously heavy on the malt up front, sweet smelling. A hint of smokiness to balance the sweet. At the end, the oak really comes through to finish the beer nicely. Very "moreish" as my British friends would say.

Baxter's Review: I tried this beer and it gave me a warm feeling inside. That's perfect for Craig, who is going to need those warm feelings in the cold. I hate the cold, I think he is crazy and all of you standing out inside of it are crazy. Have you ever been inside, under a blanket? That's much better.

That's what Baxter and I will be enjoying as the Cougs battle the Buffs. What will you be having?