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WSU vs. ASU football: Baxter's beer of the game

Baxter has a Holy beer for the Sun Devils.

Baxter and I forgot to take a picture before I left for Pullman, but he has a good beer anyway, we promise.

When I moved back to Washington in December, I was excited to see how the beer scene had expanded in the five-and-a-half-years out East. There have certainly been some great additions, including Urban Family and Rueben's, but one new brewery has really stood out to me: Holy Mountain.

Holy Mountain brews in Interbay, or "on the way to Magnolia and Queen Anne." They make a good variety of beers, from excellent pales and IPAs to tart and sour brews. All the beers I've had from Holy Mountain have impressed.So far, distribution is pretty limited but that makes my trips from Olympia to Seattle all the better.

I really recommend stopping by their taproom. If you are ever down by the stadiums, Collins Pub usually has at least one tap handle dedicated to Holy Mountain.

The brew today is Ritual, a combination of those great pales and tarts mentioned above. Ritual is a citra-fresh-hopped pale ale conditioned with brettanomyces. I first tried it at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival last month, and it stood out among a sea of fresh hop IPAs.

And seriously, why not go for a "Holy" beer when facing the Devils?

Craig's Review: great citrus aroma, complemented by the funky brett. The taste follows suit, with a slightly tart beginning and a hoppy finish. The stuff I got in growler from Holy Mountain is now a month old, so some of the fresh hops will have faded. That's not all bad, because brett tends to get better with age.

Baxter's Review: I was telling Craig he needed to pick out a beer all week. But no, he waits until the last night and then forgets to take a photo of me. I apologize for the picture above, it was right after a way-too-short haircut.

That's what Bax and I will be drinking as the Cougs face the Sun Devils. What will you be having?