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WSU vs. UCLA football: Baxter’s beer of the game

It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite beer nerd dog, and this time he has plenty of help.

Baxter is all about cooperation, and this week he has an added helper in the picture above. That’s Echo, she lives with my girlfriend’s parents, and Baxter has been staying at his Yakima vacation home all this week. Echo used to live with Baxter’s new roommate Schooner, until they got evicted. Now Schoons is with us in Olympia and Echo lives in Yakima.

Echo wasn’t supposed to be in this picture, but she heard there would be treats offered up for posing. So there she is, and today Baxter’s beer of the game features triple the adorable dog fun.

So, in case you forgot from those first two paragraphs, this is also a beer reviewing series. This week Baxter decided to go with a beverage brewed east of the mountains in Leavenworth. And since it is from Leavenworth it is—you guessed it—German themed.

You may have seen “Leavenworth Biers” in your local beer-selling establishment. Fun fact: Those “biers” are not brewed in Leavenworth, but actually in Olympia by Fish Brewing. One brewery that is actually located in Leavenworth is Icicle Brewing, and one of its best offerings is Dark Persuasion, a “German Chocolate Cake Ale.”

That’s two weeks in a row Baxter is going with a chocolate beer, he really is a selfless beer recommender, you guys.

Craig’s Review: At 6.5%, this beer has flavors you might expect from something stronger. Nice dark chocolate with just enough coconut to give you a real sense of German Chocolate Cake, and mouthfeel that is heavy enough for the sweetness.

Baxter’s Review: The beer smells yummy, like something that Craig would never let me eat. Maybe when he isn’t looking I’ll sneak a taste.

And now a live look-in at Schooner’s writing process.

Schooner’s Review: sjkdsfjsdfjsdfjklsdfjklsdfjklsdfsjkdfjklsdfjklsdjklsdfsdfjk

That’s what we’ll be having on Homecoming Saturday to get ready for the Cougs and Bruins. What’s your beverage of choice?