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WSU vs. Colorado: Baxter’s beer of the game

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Baxter can barely contain himself for this big match-up.

Baxter has never seen a game like this.

Much like CougCenter, our beloved beer-reviewing dog was born in 2008. Much like CougCenter, Baxter persevered through those dark times by drinking lots of beer. Now, for the first time in Baxter’s life, WSU is to engage in a donnybrook of most epic proportions.

This isn’t your regular Pier-Sixer, no, this is No. 22 Washington State visiting No. 10 Colorado. Fistifcuffs are sure to ensue in this high-stakes slobberknocker. Baxter is beside himself, enjoying WSU being relevant.

It is sweet to see the Cougs playing at such a high level, so Baxter decided a sweet beer was the way to go this week. Highwater Brewing is a master of sweet beers—their campfire stout is a tasty s’mores adventure. This week, Baxter is going with Sugaree, a beer Highwater describes as “maple bourbon pecan pie.”

Sugaree is a malty strong ale brewed Vermont maple sugar, then aged on bourbon barrel oak chips and pecans. It certainly qualifies as “sweet.”

Craig’s Review: It’s straight up maple and brown sugar oatmeal, and that is why I am currently drinking it for breakfast in Boulder. There is no other way to describe it.

Baxter’s Review: (He’s curious about this combination of flavors).

That’s what I’m drinking right at this very moment. What will you be having as the Cougs battle the Buffaloes?